I have had my CNC Plasma table profile machine for more than 3 years, and just love it, so does my wife when I make things for her, I have not had any problems with the machine it’s-self. But on the odd occasion when I have needed help and assistance, and contacted the technical staff at SUREFIRE CNC I have found the information and advice I have been given has been spot on and very helpful.

I can and would recommend SUREFIRE CNC to anyone considering purchasing a plasma CNC machine not only for their competitive pricing, but more importantly their after sales service and advice, I have found the staff to be very friendly and helpful.

My CNC plasma machine has provided me with a nice little earning $ from local markets, with many repeat customers, but more importantly I just enjoy using the machine and designing a variety of different products. There is something very satisfying about designing, cutting and making an item that you have thought of, and brought to life with your own hands.

Neil Smith