Our Plasma Package from SUREFIRE CNC is an awesome machine – versatility with toughness at a very low cost! We have had our machine for 7 years now, and it still cuts with the same accuracy as day one. We have had no major faults, and because of the modular design, parts are very easy to clean or replace. We recently replaced all the bearings, belts, rails and bed, thanks to the excellent service and support from SUREFIRE CNC. Another awesome feature of the machine is the ability to cut fine detail! Coupled with the Hypertherm 105 Unit, the detail that can be cut is amazing.

It is also very versatile – we have cut from 1mm up to 25mm on our machine!

Overall it is an amazing machine, whether you are a small-scale operator, or a larger manufacturer. I would recommend this machine to anybody! With amazing after sales service, support and knowledge from the team at SUREFIRE CNC, you can’t go wrong!

Kenton Aussel