Z-Axis dives into material when trying to cut

This issue is usually caused by the Torch Sensor switch either not physically engaging with the linear slide or due to a connectivity issue with the cable that runs to the torch head.

Step 1:
To troubleshoot this issue first start by watching the Torch Sensor light in Mach3 as you get someone to slide the torch up and down on the linear slide by hand. If the Torch sensor light does not illuminate, then whilst holding the torch up with one hand, use your other hand to flick the switch on and off, you should here a clicking noise. Again if the Torch Sensor light is still not turning on then you will need to move to step 2.

Step 2:
At this point in time we know we have a cable and a switch, one of which is likely to have a fault.

To confirm it is indeed an issue with these components we have to test that shorting the small connector cable at the control box results in illumination of the Torch Sensor light.

To do this unplug the Torch Sensor cable that is connected to the control box by the small black connector. Then use a piece of conductive wire such as MIG wire to short each of the 4 wires in the female connector, there are 6 combinations you must try.

One of these combinations should result in the illumination of the Torch Sensor light in Mach 3, if so move to step 3. if not, please try again to double check and ensure that the wire you use is conductive and does not have a insulative outside coating. If after double checking the torch sensor light can still not be illuminated it is likely the error lies in the Microcontroller in the control box, we will need to then test by shorting the 2 screws in the control box that hold the 2 wires from this small black plug after removing the blue lid to confirm this is the case.

Step 3:
At this stage we have confirmed that the issue does indeed lie in the cable or the switch. Please check the cable for any cuts or signs of stretching and check that the cable is firmly connected to the 2 switch terminals. If the connections look good on both the switch side and the plug side the next step is to replace the wire running to the switch. If this does not fix the issue then we know that the switch is faulty and if your machine controller.

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