Hypertherm 0-30 Error Resolution

If you are getting 0-30 error on the LCD screen of your Hypertherm Powermax plasma cutter follow the recommendations below to troubleshoot this.

– Replace ALL torch consumables on the torch. This includes the Electrode, Nozzle, Swirl Ring and even the Cap (the big cylinder that holds all the parts). 90% of the time this error is caused by worn or damaged consumables

– Test Air Supply:

  • Place some brown paper or similar material underneath the plasma torch. This should show up any moisture or dirt coming through the torch during testing.
  • On the front of the Hypertherm power source, simultaneously press the automatic/manual and current/gas mode selectors for approximately two (2) seconds.
  • This will display the service screen on the LCD as follows:
  • Press the current/gas mode selector button until the Asterix (*) is beside the ‘G’ (Gas Test).
  • Rotate the Adjustment Knob to change the gas setting to ‘1’ (On).
  • Run the gas test for 15 mins
  • Take careful note (or better still take video) of the ‘Air Pressure Reading’ on the screen.
  • If the ‘Air Pressure Reading’ drops to more than 2psi less than the ‘Air Pressure Setting’ then this indicates there is an issue.

– If you find there is a significant drop in the above test:

  • Install an air pressure regulator at the back of the machine (as close to the power source as possible) to measure the air pressure entering the power source.
  • Repeat the above test
  • This time also take note if the air pressure on the regulator drops noticeably at the same time as the ‘Air Pressure Reading’ on the screen.
  • If the air pressure on the regulator is dropping this likely indicates that there is an issue with the air supply (air compressor, filters, air lines, etc.)
  • If the air pressure on the regulator is stable but the ‘Air Pressure Reading’ on the screen is dropping more than 2psi then this may indicate that the Hypertherm power source has an internal fault.

– If you observe moisture or dirt on the brown paper this may be the cause of the fault.

  • Replace any filter elements in your air supply system
  • Ensure you have adequate filters in your air supply system
  • If you don’t have a refrigerated air dryer in your air supply and the paper is showing a lot of moisture it is highly recommended that you install one.
  • If there is any dirt coming through this would suggest that filtration has been inadequate. Dirt can also clog or damage internal components which may be the cause of the error.

– If the above tests don’t reveal an issue the fault is most likely to be in the torch. You may need to replace the torch head or the entire torch assembly.

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