• The capacity of the plasma is not the same as it is with hand cutting

    CNC places much heavier demand on the plasma; Often the cut will start with piercing (instead of edge cutting), cutting speeds are much higher, as are cut quality requirements. Just for example: a Plasma that could comfortably cut say 10mm by hand, may only be suitable for CNC cutting up to say 5mm.

  • How well will it cut & How fast will it cut?

    If you have invested in a CNC machine, then you expect it to a) produce high quality products, and b) do so efficiently. A plasma cutter that is operating near the upper limits of it’s capacity will not produce quality cuts and will be very slow.

  • How reliable will it be?

    Not only will CNC cut much faster than manual hand cutting – it will also typically cut for much longer periods and do a lot more work over a period of time. This places even more demands on the plasma, specifically duty-cycle and wear-and-tear.

    Here’s where our Hypertherm Plasma Cutters come in. We’ve tried a lot of different plasma machines over the years and we’ll say right now without hesitation: When it comes to CNC cutting, nothing comes close to Hypertherm.

    Hypertherm Powermax® & Powermax SYNC® Plasma cutters are built like a tank. Machine and torch components last a long time to provide you with reliable and uninterrupted service in the years to come. Our cutting capacities are under (not over) stated to ensure that every Hypertherm machine will do what it says and more. Exceptional duty-cycle ratings ensure that you can cut without interruption… and superior quality consumables last longer and reduce your running costs.

    When we supply a CNC package – such as a CNC plasma tables – we will specially configure your Hypertherm Plasma Cutter so it is fully compatible with your cutting table, and you can start cutting right away.

  • How thick will it cut?

    Click on any of our plasma cutters below to view specifications that tell you how each machine will actually perform in the real, demanding world of CNC cutting.

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