High Definition Plasma Machine

If you need to cut up to 32mm plate, and you want an affordable package, the Maxpro 200 paired with a Surefire CNC table is the perfect solution.

As far as Plasma Cutters go for CNC applications the Maxpro 200 is the pinnacle production machine. With a piercing capacity of up to 32mm plate and the option of using gases such as oxygen & nitrogen, there really is none better in terms of both performance and cut quality, at an affordable price tag.

Where some High Definition, or HD Plasma machines, will have you selling your house, the Maxpro200 can achieve arguably the same cut quality of High Definition plasma machines without the hefty price tag.

It’s not just about affordability and accuracy; it’s also about ease of use. MaxPro 200 is a very simple user-friendly plasma, ensuring you get the job done without unnecessary complexity.

Plus, with a 100% duty cycle at 200amps, MaxPro 200 doesn’t back down from the toughest jobs.

The Maxpro is compatible with our 3×1.5m and 4x2m CNC plasma tables. We install and commission every Maxpro machine we sell.

Upgrade your cutting game effortlessly with the MaxPro 200—where precision, affordability, and user-friendly simplicity come together for the hardworking professionals who need a reliable partner on the job.