Torch Hit Material During Motion


If you are getting errors message saying “Torch hit material during motion” when you know that the torch did not physically hit the material, this could be caused by a number of things:

1. Slag or grit in the plasma consumables which is causing the electrode to short out to
the shield.
Solution: Turn plasma cutter off and remove the shield, nozzle and electrode. Ensure they are very clean. Refit consumables and turn plasma back on.

2. Damaged or faulty consumables.
Solution: Replace consumables in the plasma torch. Especially the electrode, nozzle and shield.

3. There is a fault with the earth lead on the plasma cutter.
Solution: Ensure the earth clamp is clamped firmly on the table grate. Perhaps even try to attach the earth clamp directly to the workpiece. Ensure the earth lead is firmly connected to the plasma and it is not broken or damaged.

4. The electrical circuit that the control box is powered from is missing an earth ground.
Solution: If you are running the table control box on an extension cord, try replacing the extension cord. Check the power lead for the control box is not damaged – try replacing it (it is a common appliance lead so you may be able to borrow one from another computer, monitor or appliance). Have an electrician check your power supply outlet to ensure that it still has a good earth grounding.

5. The Plasma Control Cable is not seated in the control box. It may be loose.
Solution: Unplug the black control cable from the control box and plug it back in firmly. Likewise, if possible, ensure that it is firmly connected to the plasma machine.

6. The Plasma Control Cable is damaged or faulty.
Solution: Replace the Plasma Control Cable with a new one.

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