Made by Bend-Tech USA

Based in Wisconsin, Bend-Tech are well-established providers of software and equipment for pipe fabrication. This expertise and experience ensures that the Dragon machines are not only extremely functional, but also easy to operate.


Quick & Easy to Load

Dragon A400 is designed to simplify and streamline your work – including both electronic and physical processes. With a self-centering adjustable front gate, loading new material is an easy task.


Precise & Fast

Whether your job involves cutting out thousands of identical components or one-off rapid prototype parts, Dragon A400 will take your workshop’s production to the next level.

Watch the Bend-Tech Dragon A400 in action

Designed and built in USA, the A400 has been tested and proven in serious production and high-volume applications, delivering time-savings and material-savings every step of the way. It’s capability for plasma cutting round pipe as well as square, rectangular, angle and channel section, coupled with engraving and marking ability (all standard features) delivers an amazingly versatile solution that will add huge value to any serious fabrication shop! The Dragon series machines work in perfect harmony with our Hypertherm plasma cutters, and will run off your laptop or desktop computer. Available in 3.6m, 7.2m or 9.1m.

Knock up a handrail?

Sure, why not! See for yourself how Dragon will seamlessly take you from design (CAD), to set-up (CAM), to cutting (CNC) with finished componentry that’s right ready to fabricate.

View Dragon software in action

A quick demonstration of Dragon Software capability. This video shows how to create simple coped parts in Dragon’s design interface, how to transfer them to a nesting project and then send to the Dragon Machine for cutting.

Marking demonstration

Here’s a quick video demonstrating Dragon’s marking capability. Bend-Tech Dragon’s marking ability significantly increases productivity when it comes to bending, fabrication & assembly.

Dragon software will even automatically measure and draw marks to compensate for the material’s stretching, spring back, rotation, etc during the tube bending process.

Creating slots and tabs – another brilliant time-saving feature

For accurate and easier positioning during fabrication, you can’t go past the Dragon’s Slots and Tabs function. This not only makes assembly a lot easier, but it also improves the strength and precision of your project. Brilliant!

How about creating notch bridges?

With the Dragon A400 you can add Notch Bridges so your tube won’t bow or distort during further manufacturing processes such as bending or welding. Like we said… Dragon adds value every step of the way.