With our company roots back in the 1980s, the Surefire CNC team has always pursued innovation. We are proud of our cutting-edge CNC Plasma machines but it was time to break new ground with another aspect of our business – our website.

To make your life easier, we have several exciting new features to share. In this article, we explain what the new features are and how they can help you find the products you need.


Product selector

Buying the right combination of CNC equipment can be overwhelming, especially with so many different configurations. If you are buying a CNC Plasma machine, will you need a new software program or a new cutting torch? To help you decide, we have developed our product selector tool.

The Product Selector helps you to find the ideal products for your application. Simply fill out the form and we will show you the packages or products that are right for your needs.


Viability calculator

At Surefire CNC, we often say that it’s not what it costs but how much it makes. With the right setup, you can significantly improve productivity and lower your running costs. 


  • Affordable: Industrial-quality systems are available for less than $30,000 (we offer packages for less than $25,000).
  • Low operating cost: The main costs are consumable torch parts and power. 
  • Fast cutting speed: CNC Plasma machines can cut through most metals.

With these benefits in mind, our new tool is designed to determine the viability of your investment. Simply select the shape, dimensions, and specifications of your machine and the tool will indicate how quickly it can be paid off.

If you are interested in upgrading your CNC system, this will help you to calculate the estimated time to pay it off and show the benefits compared to an older, inefficient machine. 


Build & price configurator

The Build and Price Configurator will help you determine the price and next steps of your CNC machine upgrade. Simply select your preferred equipment to receive an accurate summary of your chosen table series, table size, plasma power source, and optional extras. Combining these features, the tool will also show a total cost.

Finally, you can enter your contact information to receive expert advice and product recommendations from our experts. Based on your selections, we can help you decide on the right system for your application. 


Why Surefire CNC

When investing in new equipment, it helps to know more about your suppliers. That’s why we’ve updated our About Us page with everything you need to know about our company mission and our values.


Here at Surefire CNC, we strive to make your experience as seamless as possible, with clear communication, reliable support, and proactive solutions.

Our team are specialists in CNC Plasma and we’re dedicated to offering the best products on the market. We will ensure your equipment maximises your return on your investment and is easy to use, providing ongoing technical support whenever you need it.

We go the extra mile to help you get the most from your CNC machine and ensure that it saves you time, increases productivity, and expands your capabilities. With more than 40 years of industry experience, you can rely on us to deliver the most effective CNC solution for you.


As CNC Plasma specialists, we understand that investing in new equipment for your workshop is a big deal – you don’t want to get it wrong. We give you certainty to achieve successful results.


  • Reliable 
  • Dynamic
  • Creative
  • Inspiring 

Surefire CNC is a division of Weldclass Australia, dedicated to providing CNC laser cutting equipment to Australian metal fabricators.

For more information on what drives our team, visit the About Us page.


In addition to the new features mentioned above, our website is packed with helpful resources. We are constantly sharing more industry updates, product recommendations, FAQs, and articles to help you stay ahead in the industry. See more of our favourite resources below. 


If you simply want to see what products are available, browse our listings page. You’ll find all our CNC plasma tables, CNC plasma packages, and spare parts. 


Want to see our laser-cutting machines in the real world? See some of our previous customer’s CNC setups for inspiration.


If you prefer to watch videos rather than read articles, watch our CNC plasma videos! We have a range of tutorials and product reviews with everything you need to know. 


If you have any questions or simply want to discuss your new CNC laser-cutting machine, reach out to our experts today. We’re here to help, whether that be by phone, email, or in person at our Taminda office. 

We can’t wait for you to explore our website! We would love to hear what you think of the new features and welcome any suggestions. If you have any questions about laser cutting, we might even write an article or create a video to answer them! Stay tuned for more exciting updates and explore the latest changes by clicking below.

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