Case Study: Outback Custom Cutting

Outback Custom Cutting, located in Trangie, Central West New South Wales, started as a farming operation. Over time, the business evolved into a contracting enterprise, facing the challenges of the unpredictable farming industry. Jackson, the owner, recognised the need for a reliable off-farm income source and a more efficient farming operation. This need led him to invest in a SUREFIRE CNC Plasma machine.

Challenges Faced

Before acquiring the CNC machine, Outback Custom Cutting relied on manual tools like a five-inch angle grinder and a drill for repairs, which often led to substandard results. The time pressure of farming meant that rushed repairs were common, often resulting in the need for redoing the work later on. This inefficiency was not only time-consuming but also costly.

The Solution: World Class CNC Machine

The decision to invest in a SUREFIRE CNC Plasma machine was just like purchasing a new tractor for the farm. Jackson emphasised the importance of the support and after-sales service, which was exceptional with SUREFIRE CNC. The machine’s precision in cutting plates ensured that repairs were done perfectly the first time, eliminating the need for rework.

Results and Impact

The CNC machine not only improved the quality of repairs but also opened up new opportunities for Outback Custom Cutting. Initially purchased for rebuilding their own infrastructure, the machine’s capabilities soon attracted attention from neighbors and others in the area. This led to the creation of a standalone business, expanding Outback Custom Cutting’s services beyond their initial expectations.

Ease of Use and Support

Despite initial apprehensions, Jackson found the CNC machine’s software surprisingly easy to use. SUREFIRE CNC’s support was crucial, as they spent time guiding Jackson through the software and ensuring he had all the necessary tools and information to succeed.

Jackson wholeheartedly recommends SUREFIRE CNC to others in similar situations. The comprehensive package deal and outstanding support make it a valuable investment for farmers and contractors alike. The quality of work produced by the machine has exceeded expectations, ensuring that repairs are as good as factory standards.

The story of Outback Custom Cutting showcases the transformative power of investing in the right technology. The SUREFIRE CNC plasma cutting machine not only improved efficiency and quality but also opened up new business opportunities, demonstrating the value of innovation in agriculture and contracting.

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