Hear From Direct Steel about their new XT Series CNC Plasma Package

DST Rural, based in Silverdale, New South Wales, is an Australian manufacturer that specialises in profile plate cutting for various industries. As a production manager at DST Rural, Lindsay faced the challenge of delivering high-quality structural steel components with varying lead times. They sought to enhance in-house production capabilities to streamline the manufacturing process and reduce lead times. In this case study, we explore how DST Rural successfully addressed their production challenges by integrating a SUREFIRE CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.

Challenges Faced by DST Rural:

  1. Varied Lead Times: The company often encountered inconsistent lead times from suppliers, ranging from three to four days to two to three weeks. This made it challenging to meet customer demands promptly and efficiently.
  2. Diverse Component Cutting: DST Rural had to cut a wide range of components, including base plates, cleats, and heavy steel plates ranging from 10mm to 25mm in thickness. Achieving high-quality cuts on various materials was a priority.
  3. Cut Quality and Hole Precision: Maintaining excellent hole quality and precision was essential to meet the industry’s standards. Inconsistent cut quality could lead to rework and delays.
  4. Australian Manufacturing Preference: Being an Australian manufacturer themselves, DST Rural preferred to work with Australian-made solutions, including machinery and support services.

Solution: SUREFIRE CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

DST Rural opted to address their challenges by investing in the SUREFIRE CNC Plasma Cutting Machine. This Australian-manufactured machine aligned with their preference for local solutions and provided several benefits:

1. Cut Quality and Precision: The SUREFIRE CNC machine consistently delivered high-quality cuts and precise hole sizes, even on thick steel plates up to 25mm in thickness. This reliability in cut quality was crucial for DST Rural’s structural steel components.

2. User-Friendly Software: The machine’s software was user-friendly, requiring minimal training. DST Rural could train new operators in as little as 25-30 minutes, making it highly accessible for their team.

3. Versatile Prototyping: The machine enabled DST Rural to create prototypes quickly. This flexibility was instrumental in optimizing designs and ensuring that components fit seamlessly, particularly in projects like the staircase production.

4. Comprehensive Support: SUREFIRE CNC stood out for its excellent customer support. Unlike other suppliers who expected DST Rural to specify their exact requirements, SUREFIRE CNC took the time to understand the company’s needs and recommend the appropriate machine size, plasma unit, and table type.


By incorporating the SUREFIRE CNC Plasma Cutting Machine into their production processes, DST Rural achieved remarkable results:

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: The machine worked nearly every day since its installation, significantly reducing lead times and increasing production efficiency. What used to take two weeks for a project could now be completed in just six hours.
  2. Cost Savings: The ability to perform in-house cutting for a wide range of components reduced the company’s outsourcing costs and minimized the need for rework, leading to substantial cost savings.
  3. High-Quality Outputs: The consistent cut quality, even on large-diameter holes and thinner materials, allowed DST Rural to deliver products that met or exceeded industry standards.
  4. Local Collaboration: The fact that SUREFIRE CNC is an Australian-owned company with in-house design and manufacturing capabilities created a sense of collaboration and trust between the two entities.


DST Rural’s investment in the SUREFIRE CNC Plasma Cutting Machine revolutionized their production capabilities. By choosing an Australian-made solution with user-friendly software and exceptional customer support, they were able to enhance their operational efficiency, meet customer demands with shorter lead times, and produce high-quality structural steel components. The case of DST Rural demonstrates the positive impact of investing in advanced CNC technology to boost manufacturing processes and business success.

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