Southern Star Building

Greg Strachan from Southern Star Building/Rust Art in Western Australia purchased his CNC Plasma Cutting package from SUREFIRE CNC back in March 2014.

Greg’s plasma metal art is inspirational!

“I’ve owned the machine for over 2 years now. Operate it part time alongside my carpentry business. When I started researching plasma cutting, it was a choice of buying second hand with no warranty or back up support. Buying the components and making myself – a lot cheaper but may not have worked.

Receiving the quote from SUREFIRE CNC – it was detailed, suited to the power I had available and to what I wanted to make. Was also happy with the prompt service and back up available.

Was not simple to start it operating but was helped by SUREFIRE CNC’s support and the website.

I mainly use it to import images and trace around or it can convert directly to a cut path from a good image. I use it to make farm signs, garden art, fire pits, custom made signs and freestanding metal art.

Cutting steel plate up to 5 mm (can cut up to 10mm) aluminium and stainless.

The machine is earning back its purchase price and I’ve made things I did not imagine I would. From a 2.4m long truck and trailer to a 20 sided light ball garden feature.”

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